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Ramunas Jasiulis  aka  RAMAS

Born in 1981 Klaipeda, LITHUANIA

Currently located in Gothenburg SWEDEN

Drawing has always been important part of my life. Have fell in love with it since I was 5 y/o. How ever never got in to any art school of any kind, so it got to be SELF MADE path for me. It may take longer time to achieve mastery but more and more i'm starting to see that it has a charm of it's own... it enables one to look at ordinary things from unordinary angles. There fore unique style may be born.

Path of professional artist has began for me in 2004 this is when METAL-TATTOO was born. When I have combined my passion of drawing with passion to cars, hence METAL=Cars TATTOO=Drawing. How ever it took me almost 10years to see that this branch is not going to make it as main source of income. So naturally I gravitated towards what people want and need the most... TATTOO! And journey of an tattoo artist has began for me at 2012.