• Get hydrated for whole week at least (well hydrated skin can withstand longer sessions easier)
  • Lotion the skin where it will be tattooed (just not the same day as appointment, or else stencil won't hold)
  • Get good rest. No hangover is accepted.
  • Eat before session and may bring food with you (Fridge and microwave is in the studio)
  • No tanning
  • No working out at least couple of days before session (To void extra swelling and soreness)
  • Leave your friends at home (No one has fun to sit on the couch for the whole day)
  • Make no plans after session (It's never guaranteed when it is over)
  • Do not use any anesthetics prior session (Right amount and kind will be provided)




  • You may remove bandage when you get home (or sleep over night) then wash tattoo with just water. Realistic type tattoos may be left dry heal for 3-4days and then treated with moisturizing lotion.Solid color and lining tattoos should be kept moist with ointment 3 times a day. Dry healing usually takes 5-7 days. Moist healing takes about 2 weeks.
  • Void working out for 1-2 weeks (until pealing is over)
  • Make showers short while healing
  • No swimming or sauna for 1-2 weeks
  • Sun is extremely dangerous while in healing stage
  • +50 sun block is recommended at all times (while in the sun). Solarium is never recommended (sun block will not help since solarium is much stronger than sun)
  • Well hydrated and shaved skin will make tattoo look the best!